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Download Sermon: The Power of Mastery – Koinonia 2019 | Pastor Olufukeji Ejimi

God is guiding us into a life that is intentional through a thorough understanding and constant reminder of spiritual and natural laws responsible for deliberate and intentional success.
Mastery is a state or position of authority, superiority, dominion and command acquired through skill, dexterity, proficiency and knowledge in an area or a subject.
Mastery is not a gift. It is a product of study and skill.

“In life, you are either dominating or you will be dominated. The only way of escape is to rise to a place of mastery.” 

What then does gaining mastery entails?
How can believers rise the the level where they can dominate and not be dominated?

The first mastery you must gain in life is mastery with God. You must have a healthy secret place and come into an experiential knowledge of God.
Gaining mastery with God entails having a healthy secret place which is characterized by;

1. Brokenness; Being unashamed to acknowledge your frailty.
2. Being yielded and surrendered to God’s will.
3. Restfulness; A state of peace and calmness in God.

The second mastery you must gain in life is mindset mastery. Your reality is a reflection of your mindset.
God can not help you beyond the level of your mind. Gain mastery over your mindset because a deficiency in it can pull you back.

Listen to Pastor Ejimi Olufukeji as he teaches on the dynamics of gaining Mastery for Dominion. Use the download button below to download.

Title: The Power of Mastery-Koinonia
By Pastor Olufukeji Ejimi

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