Download Song: Sound Of Faith – Alive | Rowzzy ft Thobad

Title: ALIVE
By – Rowzzy ft Thobad

Rowzzy : They told me to jump back,
they told me i should crawl back,
they told me i can’t make it..
That my type can never be capable,
they said that I’m too Slow,would never beat the reach i should go home,
they said its for dignitries, kings, queens, shooting stars & never me.
But i clinged unto one hope, one life, God given chemistry,
its amazing how my life changed, now look what am becoming.

Thobad: Christ is born 2ce,
let every heart rejoice cause the lord has come. Holy one, he’s the holy one, saviour noni, lift your voice to the healing one.
He healed the sick, the dead he raised.
Good works were his, let his name be praised.
The sinners saved, the price was paid.
He’s the king, his name is jesus and he is born today.

Rowzzy : Hook & chorus Heaven is so amazing, this is the start to elevation.
This is the life, this is the time, he is the price for a lifetime transformation. Yeah, you woke me up when you came to life, jesus christ the gift to our generation.

Thobad: Oshatiri, savior ni. Ain’t nobody greater than him oba ni.
I bow to him kabiesi, i’ll worship, with all my heart to him i will sing, he’s the king…

Rowzzy : Heaven is my goal, my price, my grind, my life, my hit, my peace, my reason for the confidence i exhibit.
I will never retreat

Rowzzy : Chorus…

Thobad: He stands supreme, he ransoms me, from satans grasp he sets me free, from him i’ll gain my fondest dream…

Rowzzy : Am living out my dreams to life, giving all myself to God, ready for my time to glow, ready for my reign to shine.
I will praise you lord…
For the good times, for the bad times, you been amazing, you been the reason to stay true.
I will praise you lord, you been too nice to me, you been awesome, you are God…
Jesus is alive he’s the reason for the season…

Cypher section

Thobad: Do you see what i see, do you feel what i feel, do you hear what i hear…

Rowzzy : Am lifted, am God given, no competition, more recognition, accelerations, new resolutions… Yeah,

Thobad : mary’s son has come to reign, come to take away your pain, blessed be the name, let us praise his name…

Rowzzy : So perfect, with no blemish, and so ready to reap all the worlds pure heart… I say…


Thobad: He’s the king 2xe
i’ll raise my voice in praise and joy to the king. He raised me up, he lifted me, he turned things around for my good and gave me victory…

Rowzzy: Am blessed, am not a lesson, i’ve got protection, am manifesting, am a sound living testinony.
Christ came for your transformation boy, you better believe that he’s the price and the true religion.

Rowzzy : he’s the one who was,who is and who is to come,
Whoever was,whoever is and ever shall be,
jehova shama,jehova nissi,jehova rapha,
Christ is the true gift right inside a rapper,
And here’s a word to my generation if you believe in Christ,you’d gain the true knowledge to ignite a nation,
He’s always alive,he’s always amazing,he’s always my father,he’s always the reason for the season……woah!

Size: 7Mb

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