By: Ezekiel Adenipekun
Anchor Scripture: Mathew 19:16-30

Man is designed by the meticulousness of God that there is always an opening that must be filled else, rest will be a problem. Satisfaction is therefore one of such openings that man must search for. But men make the mistake of searching for satisfaction in riches, marriage, certificate, jobs, science, fame, alcohol but unfortunately, satisfaction can not be found in these things because nothing of nature can calm the thirst of man for satisfaction. Although, people searching for satisfaction have 2 problems
1.) Searching in the wrong places: nature and flesh
2.) Searching for the wrong thing: searching for the

But what these people are looking for in true reality and essence is spiritual in nature! Nothing in this life can ever satisfy whatsoever because the world system is never designed to solve the SATISFACTION problem and void that exists in the lives of men. Whatever you lay hold of like riches will untimely not satisfy. By divine, we come to understand that the spiritual mathematical formula to this is given as

S x 1 (W²+SP²) = L²
S x 1 =The SOUL of a man
W² = The abundance of God’s WORD
SP² =The infilling of the SPIRIT of God in a man
L² =Everlasting LIFE

Our soul can only be quenched of the spiritual thirst and hunger when there is that abundance of God’s WORD and the infilling of the HOLY SPIRIT, only made possible
1.) By being BORN AGAIN.
2.) When we DIE in Christ Jesus; that is a man who doesn’t place value in the things of this world but rather glories in the things that pertain to Christ only (Mat5:43-48)

The only one way to LIFE is DEATH in Christ wherein nothing of this world matters at all except things that pertains to God’s kingdom (Matthew 5:3). This talks about when riches come, you can still maintain you standard in Christ, when your joy remains undeterred irrespective of the happenings going on in your life.

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