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DO MORE, don’t settle for the less.

There is more to your ability than you can ever imagine. Don’t limit your goals by the temporal constrain of finance.
Never wait for a perfect or convenient time, for things will not get easier by the way buh we build capacity to equate it. For when the journey get tough, only the tough get going.

Do more than you did yesterday, you are equal to it. Stop that procastination, before it stop’s you.

Am sure you know that;
The height that great men kept and attained where not by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, continued to toil up.

Great men are ordinary men but with an extra-ordinary determination, they succeeded. Diligence and determination is the key.

Do you see a man diligent in his ways? The scripture rightly asked. ‘He shall sit among kings and not mere men’.

Set more than one goal for your self, I personally believe that just one goal at a time is not enough for me. So, I usually set great goals with workable strategies and a time frame to achieve them.

Always try to use a stone to kill two birds, be pro-active.
We thrive to achieve goals but if we could not, we learn from it.

Do more, continue to step up your games. I believe in you!

I’m Joseph Awanle,
The evangelistic writer

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