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What is your Imagination? | Tobiloba Emmanuel

What is your Imagination?

It was during the preparation of our primary six graduation ceremony. I and my friends: Tosin, Qudus, and others that are now lost in the oblivion of my childhood; agreed to wear a suit on our graduation day. I think it was a decision that was first decided by the teachers before it was passed to us then(can’t really figure out where the decision came from).

I knew, right from the place we talked about wearing a suit at our graduation wasn’t going to be possible for me. I’d hated disturbing anyone at home for anything even as a primary six pupil(I became a man around that age, and I was already thinking independently).

I had no zing of anticipation for the day because I knew I was going to be different that day. I’d no new cloth as it was going to be easy for my friends to recognize one of those old clothes I wore around( I already pictured one of them telling me that day, “Tobi, see your jàgàjágá cloth).

Each time that imaginary scene of being disgraced by one of my friends began to ricochet through my mind, I got unhappy. One day, I resolve to save part of my feeding money. Then, I collected #30 as my feeding allowance.

I was going to use my savings to buy a polo as low as #200 then(this was around 2004). I could wear one of the jean my mum bought for me the last year December.

I wept in advance because I was going to look different. I remembered one night, as I was done depositing my money inside my kóló otherwise, safe, I sank on my knees and prayed. It was an earnest prayer almost telling God to make a suit to be sold for #200. Pia! Kolewerk!

The day drew nearer, I was keen on my saving. I calculated each amount I drop in my kóló. When the money was #180 something happened!

One afternoon, a faraway uncle called one of my uncles around me. My uncle asked for my size if I am to wear a suit. Poom! Magic! My mum would have been in the best position to answer that question. my uncle had no idea.

My faraway uncle said, a friend of his, sent a suit from Italy (he had friends there then) and the suit was too small for his fifteen-year-old son. I came to mind when the thought of giving it out enveloped him”, he said.

Yahweh! Miracle worker! Me? Italo suit? Their fada!

When my uncle told me he was going to collect the suit around Sàgámù area in Ògùn state, I jumped for joy! He came back with the carton-colored suit with (I think #2000) which was meant for a pair of shoe, too. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I told every jack that came my way about my new suit to be worn on my graduation.

When no one was around, I would stare at it. Imagine myself in it, walking gallantly and telling my friends “my cloth is finer than yours”

Hmmm….The dream of a polo changed to a suit reality

Reflecting on this, Paul’s epistle to the church in Ephesus came to mind:

“Now to Him Who, by the power that is at work within us, is able to DO superabundantly, far over and ABOVE all that we ask or THINK/IMAGINE..” -Ephesians 3 vs 20.

God needs something to leverage on. My mind could only imagine a polo considering the constraint around me. But his promise never fails, “he will do above what you ever IMAGINED!”

Far above my polo imagination(though my eyes were fixed on the suit) God gave me a suit and a pair of shoe.

I have come to the conclusion that God leverage on your imagination to make it bigger than you ever imagine.

Imagine something. Work out something. Pray out something. Leave the rest to the master.

What’s your imagination?

Author: Emmanuel Tobiloba

Emmanuel is a passionate educator. A graduate of Accounting from the Kwara State Polytechnic. Emmanuel, ...

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